Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ballet 2010

Our little ballerina had her very first dance recital yesterday! She was beautiful! Jonathan took video of her performance, so hopefully I can get that uploaded soon! I took a few pictures during the performance. None were great, but at least I got a few. She was SUCH a big girl to walk backstage with her little ballet group and then perform! All the groups waited in the balcony of Waco Hall (gorgeous venue, by the way!) during the other performances (Hallie's group was #2). I expected Hallie to get bored after a while, but she was happy to watch all the other performers; only getting a little antsy now and then. I also came with lots of snacks. :o) After everyone performed, all the groups went back on stage for a last bow. It was precious! All the girls also got little dance medals. Very sweet. While the organization of the performance was not up to par (in my opinion), I know Hallie couldn't be with sweeter people. Mrs. Korpi welcomed everyone at the beginning and then had the pastor of a local church begin the performance with a beautiful prayer of blessing on the dancers. Precious. I know Hallie is in good hands at Mrs. Korpi's. I'm not sure that this is where she'll grow up dancing, but it's exactly where she needs to be right now. :o)

My little ballerina!

Group pictures

Hallie is on the end...they're dancing with their little ballerina babies. :o)

After her performance

Hallie and Mrs. Korpi

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