Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charley, Charley.

Our stint in dog-sitting has continued through this week.  Hallie has had so much fun with Charley.  He tolerates her pretty well these days, but we know he's longing to be back at Gramps and RahRah's house!  Ha!  He is more than slightly spoiled there.  

Hallie wants Charley to be her little friend...she wants him to sit with her when she wants.  She wants him to follow her.  She wants him to lay down beside her during nap time.  Charley is about 8 years old (dog years), so he's a little old and set in his ways.  He doesn't want to lay down beside a toddler who may or may not start jumping up and down on the bed at any given moment.  Ha!  

On this particular day, Hallie wanted to read Charley a book.  You can tell in the pictures below how incredibly thrilled he was to be subjected to this.  Haha! :o)

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