Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Playdate Fun!

Today we had some sweet friends come over for a little playdate.  We've been trying to get together all summer, and one of us was always out of town.  We finally got together!  I did not tell Hallie that Miss Jeni and Gabriel were coming over to play until about 10 or 15 minutes before their arrival.  I knew she couldn't contain her excitement...and boy was I right!  Until they got here, it was, "Are my friends here yet?" over and over!  Ha!

Jeni and I wondered if Hallie and Gabriel would actually play together.  Hallie's 3 (March 2) and Gabriel just turned 2 (June 20)...but it seems they got along just fine.  They didn't really play together so much, but I know Hallie enjoyed simply having Gabriel there.  At one point, she had flashcards out, showing him the picture and then telling him the word.  A little teacher in the making?  Let's hope not!  HA!  Gabriel even got his hair done at Hallie's Beauty Parlor!  Too cute!  I'm sure Gabriel was completely shocked at all the PINK he saw everywhere...but he got right in there and played with the kitchen, the dolls, the princess vanity, pushed the pink grocery cart, pushed the baby stroller, and even rode the pink four-wheeler!  Roy probably had him out playing football after his playdate (that is, if he knew about all the pink his boy had been subjected to!).

We were going to get out and play in the sprinklers, but tummies (mainly mine and Hallie's, I think) were rumbling, so we headed to Chick-fil-A.  Hallie got to be the big girl and help Gabriel out in the playground.  Of course, she tried to be a little leader (read: bossy).  She would tell Gabriel on to do the very thing she was told not to do!  Ha!  Very cute.  I think naps were had by all after our fun playdate!

Can't wait to do it again soon!! :o)

A break from the fun.

First customer at Hallie's Beauty Salon. :o)

Going at it on his own.

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