Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roddy Tree Ranch

This past weekend, we got to spend some time in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  My sweet in-laws rented a cabin at Roddy Tree Ranch...it was very relaxing!  Hallie loved the little "trip" as she called it.  She got to do lots of swimming, lounged around, and fished for the first time!  She was thrilled!  And luckily, Daddy helped her catch her first fish. :o)  The only thing she wanted to do?  Pet the fish!  Ha!  The getaway was to celebrate Gramps's 60th birthday (this Thursday).  RahRah kept it a surprise that Jeremy, Jonathan, Hallie, and I were coming up for the weekend...well, sort of.  She ran out of "little while lies" right before we showed up!  Ha!

Hallie's Highlights:
*Loved spending time coloring
*Loved swimming with Uncle J, Daddy, Gramps, and RahRah (and I suppose me, too!)
*Got to see a deer one morning
*Was super excited about fishing and getting to pet the fish
*Fed the ducks
*Missed out on canoeing b/c of naptime--Gramps and RahRah canoed and then Jonathan and I canoed (very relaxing)
*On our way home, we stopped in Fredricksburg, TX at The Candy Bar.  Hallie got to pick out some candy...she chose a play baby bottle filled with candy.  Ha!

It was a wonderful weekend, and we're thankful to be able to get away with people we love so much!

Roddy Tree Ranch



Fredricksburg, TX at The Candy Bar

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