Friday, July 16, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Oh boy, oh boy!  While Gramps and RahRah are relaxing at Roddy Tree Ranch in the Hill Country, we are dog-sitting (our dog!). :o)  Hallie has had SO much fun with Charley ("Cha-lee") the past few days.  We're going to be very sad to see him go back to his grandparents' house.  I'm not so sure that Charley won't be welcoming their homecoming, though! Ha!  He has been a very good sport...maybe he's just getting old.  We have taken Charley for a walk every morning, played with him all day, and then Hallie has taken him for a mini-walk every evening.  One thing is for sure, he has gotten his exercise during his stay!  I know he misses Gramps and RahRah, though.  He is just a little bit spoiled by Gramps.  He's a good boy, though, and we love him!

One cute Charley story...we took Charley with us to the Splash Park yesterday over at Mountainvew Park.  No, I wasn't going to let my dog splash around in the water.  There was NO chance of that because Charley absolutely HATES the water!  He was content to lounge under the bench, underneath the shade of us and our beach towels.  The kids there loved seeing the "puppy" (he'll always be a puppy because he's so little).  Everyone had left for the time being, so I let Charley off his leash (which Hallie refers to as his "blush") and let him roam around a little bit.  Once he got a little too far away, I started calling him back.  Hallie decided she'd take matters into her own hands.  She marched over to the grassy area and yelled, "Charley, come!  Come, Charley!  Now!  Charley, you are disobeying God!"  Now I know she's listening during our little lessons of obeying. ;o)

I love this little spunky girl!

Hallie walking Charley.
Charley walking Hallie.
You decide. :o)

"Sit Charley!  Sit!"

Sweet girl.

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