Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June Part I

Oh what fun!  The last week of school was a busy one for me!  I wrapped up a school year and prepared for my parents' arrival (with my niece, Abby, in tow).  They stayed for a fun-filled week.  On Monday and Tuesday (June 7 & 8) the girls played at home and at the Splash Park.  I had training both days.  The rest of the week was filled with lots of play, a visit to Chick-fil-A, a trip to Jumping Party, shopping, lots of giggles, and FINALLY a trip to Lion's Park to ride the rides and train.  I think they had the most fun there.  Abby had so much fun at Lion's Park, you would have thought she was at Six Flags--she was precious!  And it being one of Hallie's favorite places, she was just as giddy. :o)

After visiting for a week, we prepared for the long car ride back to Alabama.  When you have 5 people in an 8 passenger vehicle with all the STUFF that goes with those 5 people, it's a little crowded.  We made it work, though.  Mom and I made Abby and Hallie some little "Busy Baskets" to keep them entertained on the long ride.  We also made personalized lap desks for them so they'd have something to write/color on.  They turned out great!

We made many stops along the way from Texas to Alabama.  One of the stops was at the Mississippi River.  I got a few great shots before it was just too dark.  We left Texas around 11 am on Saturday--we left from IHOP (always a good, less sad departure location).  We got home around 4:30 am.  It was a LONG ride!  Somehow my dad managed to get up on Sunday morning and preach.  Hallie and I didn't wake up until noon!

We spent the following week enjoying the pool and seeing some friends.  It was very relaxing!  I loved every minute of it. :o)

My memory card was full, so I emptied it onto one of my dad's laptops.  Then we (really, I) forgot to get them off the laptop before heading home, so I don't have the pictures to post individually.  I uploaded them to Facebook while in Alabama, so I was just able to upload them to a slideshow from there.  When my dad mails me the pictures, I'll upload some of my favorites. :o)

Lots of pictures in the slideshow.  If you want to see them individually, just click the scrolling pictures and a new tab/window will open up. :o)

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