Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To School, To School

Our sweet little Hallie has officially started to school.  Yep...our little three year old is in the Pre K3 class at Texas Christian Academy.  She has been SO ready to start to school ever since we went for our initial visit last February!  All summer Hallie talked about going to "big girl school".  She went to sleep excited about school and she woke up excited about school!  The pictures at home were exciting...the pictures outside her school were great.  When we got inside, she began to feel a little uneasy.  Then when we stopped outside her classroom door for a quick picture, she really was unsure.  

Once we went in, she wasn't very quick to open up to her teacher or her new classmates.  In fact, after a quick picture with her teacher (I didn't post because BOTH their eyes were closed--argh!) and giving her teacher a little first day of school gift, she held onto Jonathan or me for dear life!  And oh the tears!  It broke our heart.  And we both knew we just needed to leave, but it was so incredibly hard!  Thankfully, I have teacher in-service this week, so I was able to take Hallie to school the first day with Jonathan.  To say she was scared would be an understatement.  Bless her sweet heart. :o(  

Her first day was an Early Release day, so I made sure to have something happy in hand when I picked Hallie up--Chick-fil-A nuggies and a "banilla" milkshake. :o)  And Hallie had a wonderful first day of school!  She couldn't stop talking about it!  We took her to Cheddar's (one of her favorite places) for a celebratory supper...we were all talking and the little princess raised her hand for a turn to chat.  How stinking cute! :o)

Oh, and Hallie's teacher's name is Mrs. Lovecky...and it's not pronounced as you might think.  It's "Luh-vet-skee".  So to hear Hallie say her teacher's name is just too cute..."Mrs.  Wa-bet-skee". :o)  Love her!!

Our little girl, ready for school!

Milkshake...yum! :o)

Hallie got a hand stamp for staying on "green" all day! :o)
Great behavior for our little girl.  Yay!

Some wonderful goodies from Nonna--balloons, a stuffed lion, and Kit Kats!

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