Sunday, September 5, 2010

We're still here...

My word.  It has been entirely too long.  At least I did a quick post about Hallie's first day of preschool, right?  haha.  Well...after we returned from our extended trip to Alabama, we did a little of this and a little of that.  We spent our mornings at the Splash Park many mornings because that was the only thing that was remotely refreshing and outside.  By 11 am, we would head home (or Chick-fil-A...grin) because the heat was just too much to bear.  A couple of times we would end up at the mall or at The Jumping Party (indoor jumping).  At the end of July, my sweet mother-in-law went to Austin with me so Hallie wouldn't be too far from me during a teacher's conference I had to attend.  We stayed Sunday-Wednesday, and Hallie and RahRah had tons of fun swimming and playing.  Hallie even decided to jump in the pool sans "froggy float" while RahRah was getting their things ready to head back into the hotel.  Luckily, Hallie had been practicing her swimming skills WITH her froggy float all summer--kicking her feet and paddling with her hands.  She had also gotten quite brave with jumping in while holding her breath--she'd go under every time.  So when she jumped in without her float (honestly, RahRah thinks she forgot she didn't have "froggy" on because really, Hallie is VERY careful around water), she went under, pushed herself right back to the surface, turned herself around and began kicking and paddling furiously all while keeping her head above the water.  I'm not sure who was more terrified--RahRah or Hallie.  But RahRah coached Hallie back to the ladder, and Hallie followed her directions.  I'm glad it was RahRah with Hallie and not me--RahRah was smart enough to know she shouldn't jump in after Hallie b/c it might have caused her to go under or scared her more.  I'm not sure if I would have been that calm about it.  But, Hallie was FINE!  And Hallie talked and talked about it--how scared she was.  I asked her if she wanted to show me how she could swim and she quickly told me no...that it was VERY scary.  Thankfully, it didn't scare her enough to never want to get in the water again.

While we were in Austin, my grandmother's health began to slowly decline.  Needless to say, my mind was not on the conference material at all.  I called my dad about every hour to check on her.  She hadn't been sleeping, then when she finally did fall asleep, she slipped into a sort of coma.  On Tuesday, the 28th of July, I got a call around 7:30 from my cousin Clay (after my dad had tried to call) that my sweet MawMaw had passed away.  While I was extremely and selfishly upset at the loss of her life, I rejoiced that she was in Heaven...she had been talking a lot about wanting to go HOME and see Lewis (her husband).  So to know she is walking hand in hand with him and praising Jesus all day long is the most comfort I could possibly know.  She lived a wonderful life.  She set an example of a Godly woman for my cousins and I.  She was one incredible woman.

After the conference, Hallie and I flew to Alabama for my grandmother's funeral.  We were scheduled to make it to the visitation, but it just didn't work out.  We missed our first flight out thanks to the wonderful policemen of Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Hallie didn't actually go to the funeral, my sweet friend Joy and her little boy stayed with Hallie during the funeral--she was a HUGE blessing to us!  The funeral was very sweet.  It was too hot to have a graveside service, so that was done inside.  Then the church had a meal for the family afterward...of course, it just wasn't the same without my grandmother.  There was no sweet tea (gasp!) and no brown and serve rolls.  My cousins and I weren't quite sure of what to make of that.  

After that quick trip--actually, we ended up staying about a week and a half to make the most out of the expensive airline tickets--we made it safely back to Texas (and it was an uneventful trip back...unlike the trip TO Alabama).  Hallie spent lots of time with RahRah the following week so I could get my classroom ready.  And then Hallie and I both started school.  

Whew.  That was July and the first part of August.  I have more to share...but at least I have all that out of the way. :o)

Here are some of the pictures I took during our trip to Alabama.  

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