Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bennett Farms

Jonathan, Hallie, and I went to Alabama for a sweet friend's wedding.  We knew we wouldn't have much time to spend with friends and family (other than at the wedding, of course), but we definitely wanted to make a trip to Bennett Farms while we were in Heflin.  I'm so glad we made the time to visit the farms because it definitely did not disappoint!  Hallie had so much fun!  And it was good times getting to see some old friends. :o)  

Unfortunately, I left our memory card at home.  Thankfully, Jim and Alexis (proud owners of the Farms) let us borrow their camera.  And my sister-in-law had her camera and captured some cute shots!  Sadly, I know that won't be the last time I forget our memory card.  lol.  I have a knack for not really learning any lessons when it comes to that sort of thing.  haha.

Hallie the Sunflower :o)

Abby shelling corn with Jim

The three sillies in the corn crib (they did not want to leave this fun!)!

Abby and Hallie...not sure where HG was.

I love this sweet face!

It was just a LITTLE sunny outside. :o)

Hallie with the minature pony. :o)

 The hayride

Lunch time! :o)

Hallie & Abby

Petting Sparky

Picking out a pumpkin

Nonna and her girls


Hallie and HG

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