Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Point those toes...Tap those toes!

Sweet Hallie Shea started at a new ballet school today!  She is taking a ballet/tap combo class at Joy's School of Dance.  Hallie loved taking ballet with Mrs. Korpi, but we decided to make a switch so Hallie could have the opportunity to take tap.  At Korpi's, it is strictly classical ballet...which Hallie may "decide" to go back to later.  I believe Hallie has the potential to be an absolutely beautiful ballerina. :o)  Of course, we want her to be whatever her little heart desires!

Hallie has been super excited about taking ballet at a new dance school.  She was excited to wear her new leotard and skirt along with her new ballet and tap shoes!  And she was adorable! :o)  I'm not sure what I expected, but Hallie walked right into class, sat her little dance bag down and found a spot.  She loved that there were little spots marked with colored tape on the floor and stayed right on her spot.  They started ballet right away, and Hallie fit in perfectly. :o)  She had ballet class for 30 minutes before changing over to tap. 

I'm so glad I got to snap a few pictures!  I knew parents weren't allowed in the classroom, but I was surprised to find that both classrooms had observation windows for parents to keep an eye on their little ballerinas/tappers! :o)  So...the pictures are through the glass.  And while they're not horrible, you can see some of the reflections.  Still, I'm just glad to have the memories captured in picture form!

I was amazed that these sweet little 3 and 4 year olds sat down and took their little ballet slippers off all by themselves.  Then they put those sweet shoes in their dance bags and put on their tap shoes.  They then lined up by the door and changed classrooms.  One room is for ballet and one is for tap (or so I figure).  I was just amazed that they did it so flawlessly!  Precious!

Hallie is on the far left (purple bow) and her mirror image is on the right--too cute!

Heel toe, heel toe!

Hallie loved ballet and tap!


Kristen said...

She's so cute! I was very disappointed to find that Eliana was not ready for a "by herself" dance class. She preferred to dance around the entire room "freestyle" rather than do what the class was doing. and the teachers didn't reign her in even though there were three teachers and only three students!!

Anonymous said...

Our sweet ballerina/tapper. Of course she is a "natural", just like her mommy. Too cute!! Hugs & kisses, Nonna

The Belton Family said...

Hallie always looks so sweet in her dance gear. The pictures turned out GREAT to have been taken through the glass.