Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday is one of my very favorite days.  We get to snuggle in the mornings with a few cartoons, go to church, and then have lunch with the family.  It's usually extremely relaxing...and even more relaxing now that I am desperately trying to not stress out over being late to church (which we usually are). :o)  Hallie loves going over to Gramps and RahRah's house after church for lunch.  And we are blessed to have wonderful RahRah lunches on Sunday afternoons!  When we moved here, I said that once we moved into a house (out of the apartment), I would "host" Sunday lunches on occasion.  Well...I think that has maybe happened just a few times (if that).  Sorry, RahRah...maybe one day! ;o)

If we're at the same service as Gramps and RahRah, we usually beat them to their house after church.  On this particular day, we were there probably 15 minutes or so before they were.  Without the house key, we were at the mercy of the car's air conditioner. :o)  Whenever waiting, Hallie wants out of her carseat.  Not a big deal.  Today, Jonathan let her "drive" around the block.  Gasp!  Don't worry...there's little to no traffic and Hallie didn't go over 15 mph.  Wait...she can't even reach the pedals!  LOL. :o)  I have such fond memories of "driving" with my daddy when I was little.  Good times.  Oh, I also have fond memories of running his red Mazda truck into an embankment while I was driving while sitting in his lap.  haha.  I digress.  She made great memories with her daddy! :o)

Eyes on the road, Hallie!

I love this--look at the A/C blowing her piggy tails! :o)

Don't worry...we were parked! :o)

Look at my tiny flower. :o)

Love this girl!

Oh, those sweet piggy tails!

We had cheesecake for dessert...obviously, Hallie was a fan. :o)

Gramps and Jonathan got put in time

Hallie and Uncle J (and Charley) under the dining room table--this happens every Sunday that Uncle J comes over for lunch!  Those two are quite the pair! :o)

Sweet girl and Charley

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