Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sic 'em Bears!

Baylor vs. would think being September and all that the weather would start cooling off.  Sigh.  So not true.  Nonetheless, it was good times with good friends.  Hallie didn't nap before the game, so with the heat, she was extra was her momma!  Ha!  At one point, Hallie got it in her head that she had to have pom poms.  So Kelly and I took Hallie on a pom pom hunt. :o)  We were not successful.  But we did get some $8 rally necklaces!  LOL!  Next time we'll go to Target and get some pom poms before the game!  The one thing that saved us was seeing Bruiser Bear on the way back to our seats!

Look at this cutie! :o)

Sweet friends--Kelly & Kevin

Me & my girl!

Hallie and Bruiser

God Bless America!

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