Monday, October 11, 2010

Heart of Texas Fair!

It's that time of year again!  Time for the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo.  We don't really care so much about the rodeo part (gasp), but the fair...we're in!  They started setting up earlier in the week and Hallie noticed immediately.  We were hoping the weather would be a little cooler, but it was still pretty hot when we went at 4 pm.  Hallie walked in, let me snap a picture and wanted to go straight to the ferris wheel--I do believe it's her favorite!  We got some tokens and a wristband for Hallie and took off.  We had a fun afternoon at the fair.  Hallie got to experience a few firsts--her first rollercoaster by herself and her first time playing around in a bubble!  Ha!  We already can't wait for next year's fair! :o)

First picture of the adventure! 

She has one thing on her mind...getting to that ferris wheel!

While waiting in line, Hallie entertained passersby by dancing with her shadow! :o)

Love that face!

Hallie's first solo rollercoaster ride!

Such a silly goose!

This little "exhibit" was right when you first go into the the entire time (after the ferris wheel) we were at the fair, Hallie talked about riding in the bubble.  Lol.  We weren't sure she'd be brave enough for it, but she certainly proved us wrong.  She had a BALL! :o)

Our sweetie pie!

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The Belton Family said...

I would love to get in that big bubble thing. Travis did one at the mall in Oxford and Kristi posted photos.