Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TCA Fall Festival

 Two weekends ago, we got to go to Hallie's fall festival at her school.  Hallie's class was in charge of the "Digging for Treasure" booth.  It was an absolute hit--I didn't get many pictures of it because we were so busy with it.  The ones below are taken before the festival started. :o)  Hallie was such a big girl.  She got her tickets (courtesy of Rah-Rah...then Mommy had to buy her a few more) and walked from game to game like she knew what she was doing.  So cute!  She had a blast!

Digging for Treasure!

Stuffed Animal Walk (so cute!)

Hallie won!  She was SO excited!

Go fish!  This always reminds me of my mom and the carnival booth she always had! :o)

She really wanted to get her face painted...she loved it!

Hallie taking one of many turns in the treasure box.


Cake Walk!

Oh my goodness!  She won! :o)

What a wonderful way to end a fun day...in a brand spanking new bed!  Thanks, Nonna and Pop!  Doesn't she look tiny in this bed?!


The Belton Family said...

Love Hallie's new bed!
I always think about your mom's booth at the carnival when I see the fishing things too. I loved that booth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those were fun times at the fish pond (at least for the kids
;-)...my feet were usually hurting after standing for 2 or 3 hrs, but I loved it!! Hallie is too cute doing all the activities and winning, too!! Wow!! :-) Nonna