Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hallie...3 1/2 years old...and all sass. :o)

Oh my I love this little face!  It is rare that she'll be still enough for pictures.  And I must confess that there was a reward after this little photo shoot (making cookies for Daddy).  Most pictures I have are of her in action--and I love those pictures just as much as the ones below.  But I love, love, love when I can get her still for a sweet picture.  She actually had a lot of fun and wanted to do a "wardrobe change" (the outer jacket--lol). :o)  These pictures were snapped a few weeks ago--I just haven't gotten them posted.  These are truly the days I'm going to miss...and they're going by way too fast! 

Playing with her piggy tails. :o) 

That is a sneaky little face if I've ever seen one!  Ha!

She was pretty much done at this point...we were heading inside and she was scaling the wall...she often smiles a wide grin at us with her eyes closed!  LOL!



Kristen said...

She and Eliana would have such fun together! She is such a cutie! Haven't told you yet, but Eliana named her little baby "Hallie."

The Belton Family said...

I am loving Hallie's piggy tales! She is just a doll. I wish that Taft would still pose for photos. He is too busy wanting to see the picture on the camera to stand still long enough to take the picture.