Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pictures by Phone...

So, my phone is always with me even if my camera is not.  We've been pretty busy the past couple of weeks, but I have managed to catch a few cute moments by phone.  So...some pictures of the past couple of weeks before a real update. :o)

Charley has been going to school with me...he loves it and so do my students! 

A spunky Charley!

Like I said, the students LOVE him!  They even convinced him to slide...he wasn't too thrilled about this!

This is how Charley looks most afternoons.  LOL!  The kids wear him out!

Hallie was sick for a couple of days...this was the the second day she had missed school.  She was feeling much better, so we had a picnic outside on a very beautiful day!

A picture Hallie colored...she LOVES coloring!

Hallie was having a little trouble obeying at school...but for the past two weeks, she has done a fabulous job of obeying right away!  Her prize request was a pair of "high heeled sparkly shoes"...she had had her eye on these for some time.  We looked high and low and could not find her size.  Who knew these tacky (in my opinion) shoes were so popular?!  Nonna saved the day and found Hallie's size at a store back home.  While waiting patiently for the shoes, I had to reward her we made a little trip to Build A Bear.  Here's Hallie's cat, Winky. :o)

And a few days later, a Nonna Box arrived...carrying these beauties.  LOL!  And no, those are not MY feet! Can you believe they make those shoes for children?  And toddlers, no less?!  Maybe I'm the only one of that opinion!  They're her play shoes...she is not allowed to wear them out in public.

Since Charley is going to school with me, we've adopted him back into our family after a little stint of him living with Gramps and RahRah.  Hallie very much likes having Charley here.  I'm not quite sure he feels the same.

Hallie can now write her first and last name. :o)  If she writes her last name by herself, she spells it "E-C-O-H-L-S". :o)

Hallie got a new bed!  During this picture, not all the pieces were in, so it's not looking complete.  Also, the cute quilt/comforter we picked out isn't documented here.  But this was her very first night in her new bed.  She loves it!

This past weekend, the rest of the pieces for the bed came, so we were able to have a little slumber party!  Daddy and Hallie slept on the trundle and Charley and I slept "up top".  LOL.  Fun times!

Yesterday, Hallie and I were getting ready to go to the mall.  Unfortunately, it was right around naptime.  While I was finishing up getting ready, Hallie grabbed her paci (no comments...she won't be going to kindergarten with it; she only uses it for naptime and at night...and usually loses it while sleeping) and climbed on top of the basket of clean clothes.  A few minutes later, she asked for a blanket.  Thinking she was just being silly, Jonathan and I told her to have a good nap and walked into the living room.  Ten minutes later, not hearing from her, I went to check on her and found this.  She was sound asleep!  Bless her.  After she woke up, she said she had a good nap and wanted to sleep in the clothes basket again!  Silly girl!

Lunch at Fuddrucker's...Hallie and Daddy sharing a milkshake.  They always share desserts.  Usually there's a smidge left for Mommy! :o)

Hallie decides the milkshake should just be hers. :o)

And that's what we've been up to the past couple of weeks!  A real update will be coming soon...with some better quality pictures than a phone. :o)

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