Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Hallie!

On Sunday afternoon, February 27, we celebrated Hallie's upcoming 4th birthday with several little friends.  They had a "jumping good" time!  

Hallie's birthday invitation

 The party room (with Nonna and Memory)

The silly birthday girl

Hallie LOVES Audrey!

Audrey, Emily, and Hallie

Sweet little friends--Audrey, Hallie, Ivy (from ballet class) and Sophi (from Hallie's class)

"Happy Birthday to You!!!"

Present time!

Giving her friends their goody bag. :o)

Hallie's birthday present from Mommy, Daddy, Nonna, and Pop!

Hallie is FOUR!

A butterfly house from Gramps and RahRah!  So fun!

Hallie seeing her trampoline for the first time!

Pop put it together the next day while Hallie was at school!  Thanks, Pop!  We've since got the safety net I'm not quite as nervous when she's jumping!  Ha!

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Kyetra said...

Love the invitations! Too cute! And those little "bug" hats the kids are wearing are adorable. I know that Hallie will be jumping her heart out all Spring and Summer.