Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alabama Birthday!

 On March 6, Hallie had her FOURTH birthday party of the week!  Ha!  She said she needed four since she was four.  She had one with her friends, one at school, one on her actual birthday with family, and then one in Alabama.  Whew!  Needless to say, by the Alabama party, my mom and I were partied out!  Ha! :o)  We had an absolute blast celebrating with family and friends who are like family!  Thank to everyone who made Hallie's birthday super special...we love all of you!

Because it had been raining, the other bouncy house that we were supposed to have fell through.  So thanks to my wonderful cousin..."Aunt Steph"...who saved the day by borrowing one from a friend!  It was chilly outside, so this one was perfect for our get together! :o)  And the kids had a blast on it! 

The food! :o)

Abby, Mallory, and Nora

Our cousin, Meredith, and Mandi's little pumpkin Cailin!

My fabulous brother and his "little sister", Mandi

Calin and Hallie...oh, if these two lived closer, they'd be double trouble...just like their mommas! :o)

Whew--these two might be trouble, too. :o)  They are SO silly when they're together.

The birthday girl!!

Aunt Mandi holding up the birthday girl! :o)

Me and Steph

My cousin, Clay and his little guy, Ethan

Cailin, Abby, Nora (singing?), Mallory, Hallie and HG

"Best Cousins"! lol

The "Messy Room"  LOL

Best friends...Mandi, Cailin, Stacey, me, Hallie

Love these girls!

I absolutely love this picture!  Hallie, Nora, and "Aunt" Steph


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