Monday, March 7, 2011

The Paci Fairy

Hallie has finally given up her paci.  I know, I know...just now?!  It just wasn't something we were concerned with, and it was the last thing that was keeping her our baby. :o)  We knew she wouldn't go to kindergarten with it!  And she had only been using it at night.  It just wasn't a big deal.  However, we thought we would use her turning four as a chance to rid ourselves of the paci.  We've had stints where we've gone without, but it never failed...Hallie always went back to her beloved paci.  Don't we all have something that's comfortable for us?! :o)  The week before Hallie turned four, we gave up the paci...left it for the paci fairy...sort of.  We really bribed Hallie to go a week without it and then she'd get a little surprise.  Of course, we knew there was a VERY good chance that Hallie would go a week without it, get her surprise, and then demand her paci.  haha.  Surprisingly, that didn't happen.  She asked for it a few times, but we didn't give in.  I thought the drive to Alabama might be a nightmare, but since we drove through the night, it wasn't bad at all.  But once we got to Alabama, Hallie's attitude about the paci changed.  I reminded her that the paci fairy had it...she didn't like that idea.  So one night, we went to sleep remembering that the paci fairy had Hallie's wonderful lovey and woke up with a wonderful little letter and gift from the paci fairy herself! :o)  Hallie was VERY surprised and loved every second of it!

The great thing is that a couple of days later, Hallie found a paci from one of our previous visits stashed behind the clock in our bedroom and laughed at the paci fairy for forgetting one.  Oops! :o)

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