Sunday, August 7, 2011

Car Wash

Triple digits.  That's where our temps have been since July 2.  And according to The Weather Channel, that's where our temps will stay until at least August 16th.  Then it'll just be in the upper 90s.  Ha. :o)  Due to the high temps, there has been a heat advisory (duh) every single other words, don't go outside unless you're well hydrated and just have to. So...we just haven't been outside since returning from Alabama.  And that makes for a slightly depressing summer.  Boy do I wish we had a pool!

So today, to break out of some of the high temp blues, we decided to wash the cars least we could hose each other off when we got too hot.  And we really did have a fun time...until it got a little too hot, and the water from the hose didn't get below 80 degrees.  Oh well.  It seemed like a good idea at the time. At least we have shiny, clean cars.

Hallie and Daddy washing Mommy's car.

If you need someone to clean the rims of your car, Hallie's your girl.  She did a great job. :o)

Hallie:  Daddy...I have a surprise for you!  You haven't had them in a long time!  RAISINS!
I love this little girl!

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