Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cooking with Hallie

My sweet friend Kyetra inspired me to cook more often...even simple things.  OK, our budget inspired me as well.  It seems we eat out entirely too much and are really trying to achieve the "eat at home more often" mentality.  Since being back home, I've tried to cook more just to get back into the habit of it...especially before school starts.  Before Hallie joined us, I cooked often...though Jonathan probably doesn't remember.  Ha!

Anyway.  Kyetra has a cooking blog Cooking with Kyetra where she sports pictures of perfectly cooked yummies and the ingredients to copy the yumminess. :o)  I will never have a cooking blog (and will gladly "eat crow" if that one day happens--ha!), but I did want to share the fun Hallie had fixing our supper tonight.  Simple, yet yummy, pizza bagels.  And I don't mean the out-of-the-box-mini-pizza-bagels either.

Nothing fancy.  All you need are bagels, pizza sauce, and the cheese/toppings of your choice.  Here we have some mozzarella (for Jonathan and Hallie) and cheddar (for Hallie and me) and turkey pepperoni on bagels. :o)  So easy, Hallie has "cooked" our supper.  And she *loved* doing this.  She's usually not a big bread eater (she doesn't take after her mommy), but she ate her pizza bagel--I think b/c she fixed it. :o)

 Adding the sauce

Adding mozzarella and cheddar to her bagel

Hallie calls this cheese "messy cheese"...and she was *thrilled* to get to add as much as she wanted.  Can you tell she added more than necessary?! :o)

LOL--ready to put cheese on top of the pepperoni

More pepperoni

Ta-da! Hallie's supper--pizza bagels, carrots, apple slices, and pickles. :o)

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Kyetra Belton said...

Those look yummy! I am sure that all the cheese was needed. The more cheese the better. ;0
Pickles? Since when did pickles go with that meal? I wonder where she got a love of pickles from?