Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cute American Girls

One of the many highlights of Hallie's visit to Alabama was getting to go to the American Girl Store and Bistro.  Whenever someone asks her what she did in Alabama, she says, "I went to the American Girl Store and I ate there!  With my cousins!"  Makes my heart happy to know she's making sweet memories.  Our reservations were at 2:15 EST, so we got there a little early and decided to ride the carousel before heading to the AG store.


Waiting, waiting.  
(Honestly, we did a lot of waiting.  The girls had fun, but overall, I can't say this was the best experience I have ever had.  I expected the service to be much better than it was...but it was worth it to me to see the smile on Hallie's face. :o)

 Hallie's *favorite* part--feeding her Bitty Baby, Mollie.  They give each doll a little chair to sit in and then they give each doll a cup and saucer and a pitcher of water (too bad they don't give actual people pitchers of their drinks...lol).  It was *very* cute to watch Hallie mommying Mollie.

Hallie and Mollie

Abby and Ruthie

Hallie got chocolate ice cream!

The girls and their desserts--HG, Hallie, and Abby (Abbs didn't get dessert, she ordered hot chocolate--in the summertime!).

Abby & Ruthie
Hallie & Mollie
Hattie Grace & Abby's Kit
Girls with their purchases--thanks, Nonna!

Nonna and her girls!

We shopped a little bit at North Point Mall...afterward we got a little snack and the mall train (!) drove by.  The girls insisted on riding it.  And they wanted Nonna to ride with them!  So, they all climbed in and took a tour of the mall! :o)  I love the looks on their faces.  Nonna, you were a great sport!

Actual Date: 07.01.11

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