Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 We spent a rainy fourth of July in Graham, Alabama by the river at my Aunt Amanda's and Uncle Mike's place.  I was hoping it wouldn't rain because we were going to cook out at my parents' house and swim.  But...the thunder and lightning prevented us from swimming.  My brother graciously cooked the burgers and dogs in the rain--we stood around him with umbrellas.  Haha.  What a memory we made.  The rain did hold off for just a little while when we got home from the river, so we were able to pop some poppers.  They were a hit--we all loved them!  The sparklers had to be sparkled on the porch, though.  And we caught the tail end of the Heflin fireworks (they totally changed the time without letting anyone know...besides the people who had already been there all day for the fourth celebration).  Overall, even through the rain, it was a nice day with friends and family.  And I saw my cousin, Stephanie, again.  Steph--I refrained from posting the picture of you and me...it was horrible.  lol.

Hallie and Shane & Erin's puppy

Uncle Kelly taking the girls for a ride in the ATV.  Hallie *loved* it!

Some of my cousins took a spin on it...

 Jonathan and I took a turn...it was *so* fun...and we laughed (and I screamed the entire time)!

The annual 4th of July game of volleyball.  I didn't participate, but Hallie did.  Ha!

At Nonna and Pop's house--popping poppers!

I believe it was this time that a chunk of the sparkler broke off and landed in Jonathan's Sperry flip flops and burned a hole through them.  His words, "These shoes will never be the same."

Actual Date: 07.04.11


Stephanie said...

thanks for refraining. i appreciate you not posting crappy pics. it was so great to see you so much. i could definitely get used to it!

Kyetra said...

A true friend never posts crappy pics. ;0
Love at Uncle Kelly, gotta love him.