Monday, August 1, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!

No, I don't mean the circus (although I will have a post about that)...I mean Joy's School of Dance's "The Greatest Show on Earth" 2011 dance recital.  Hallie had her second dance recital (first with Joy's) on June 11th. I was so pleased with the organization of this recital!  For the preschool aged girls, they offer a ballet and tap combo.  So for 30 minutes they do ballet and then they switch and do tap for 30 minutes.  I loved watching Hallie learn tap (since she took ballet last year).  She loved it and decided it's her favorite!  I really enjoyed seeing what Hallie learned throughout the year!  We are so proud of our little dancer!  Warning:  Picture Overload! :o)

This was Hallie's ballet costume.  I thought it was super cute!  Her ballet routine was to "Doll on a Music Box" from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Hallie loves that movie, so she was SO excited when her ballet dance was to that song!
Look at these sweet friends!

As many of you know, Hallie doesn't have thick hair like her mommy...but that's OK, I think her hair is beautiful.  And I doubt you can deny that this is one of the sweetest little ballet buns you've ever seen! 


Tap!  Hallie's routine was to "Never Had  Friend Like Me" from Aladdin.  Hallie hasn't seen that movie yet, but I believe this dance routine was her favorite.  She knew all the steps and had a lot of fun with it!

Hallie likes to squeeze her friends as tightly as possible.  Haha.  Sorry, C!

The girls had to stay at dress rehearsal all morning--until they practiced their finale bow.  This made for some restless little girls.  Thankfully, I had thrown Hallie's notepad and bag of Twistables in my bag.  The girls were beautifully entertained!

Even though I wasn't a backstage mom, I made a basket (I used a laundry basket) of goodies for Hallie and her little friends--games, puzzles, crayons, drinks, snacks...etc.  And it was a hit.  I'm so thankful I did this because those little girls were hungry!  I didn't bring home very many leftover snacks. :o)

My little doll on a music box.
This is how they began their routine.

Daddy and his little tapper!

Mommy and the little dancer!

Nonna and the little dancer!
(Pop had to head home before the recital--he had to preach...wish he could've been there!)

Hallie receiving flowers from RahRah and Grampsy!

Hallie and Grampsy

RahRah, the little tap dancer, and Grampsy

Hallie chose Cheddar's as her after recital celebration supper. :o)

We're looking forward to another great hear at Joy's School of Dance

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