Monday, August 1, 2011

Here, Fishy FIshy

 Practicing her kicks on Parent's Day.  You can't tell by her face that she cried almost every day (June 6- June 16)...she did NOT want to go to swim lessons.

While others practiced their kicking skills, the little ones stood on the steps and waited--Hallie's face is priceless as she's getting splashed by a swim friend.  And check out the little girl on the end.  Relaxed.  Ha.

From standing on the steps, Hallie would swim to one teacher, then to the other, and then to the steps.  I'm telling you--these swim teachers had it down to a science.  These swim lessons worked!

My little swimming fish!

Getting ready to jump off!

Whoa!  What a jump!  In case you haven't caught on, Hallie doesn't do anything halfway. :o)

Swimming to the other teacher after jumping off.

And then swimming to the steps.

The kids were taught to swim under water only...and I was so impressed.  Hallie really knows how to swim!

Sweet friends after swim lessons!  

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