Monday, August 1, 2011

We're Alabama Bound we've actually already gone to Alabama, spent three weeks, and then come back to Texas.  Still.  The title was catchy.  Ha.  After the dance recital, swim lessons, and Father's Day, Hallie and I heading back east with Nonna to spend some lazy days by the pool.  And lazy days they were.  We would wake up, eat breakfast, swim, go inside because it would start raining (every. single. day.) and watch movies.  We did this for three weeks straight.  Every now and then we'd shake it up--you know, The American Girl Store, visits with friends, lunch with friends, going to the Alabama Theater to see The Wizard of Oz movie on the big screen, "going to town" (that's what it was when I was little), and a few trips to Zaxby's and Top o' the River.  Mostly, though, there was a whole lotta nothing going on.  And I was spoiled and loving it!  I love visiting my parents.  I love the feeling I get when I cross over the Alabama state line.  It's almost like things just automatically slow down.  The smell of the air is different...the breeze is a little sweeter.  And let me tell you...the temperature was pleasant.  A lot of days, it didn't even reach the 90s.  At night it was in the 70s.  That is so different from what we left (and what we returned to).  It's so hot here, we rarely get out of the house.  And it hasn't really rained here for weeks.  Usually I'm able to bring some of the rain back with me...this time it didn't work.  I guess b/c I didn't really have any outdoor activities planned.  Ha!

Overall, our Alabama vacation was wonderful.  I wasn't even all that disappointed that we didn't go to the beach.  A nice pool, a comfy bed, and good company is all we really need for a good vacation, and we had those things in the comfort of my parents' home! :o)

The next several posts will be "back-blogging posts" of our Alabama trip.

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