Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweet Cousins...Sweet Friends

A fun day swimming ended with some blueberry picking.  There were so many blueberries on the blueberry bush (which really looks more like a tree) that each girl had their own cup full of blueberries (and there were more left to pick)!

Hallie loves picking blueberries.  And she used to love to eat them...not so much anymore.  But she sure does have a mommy who doesn't mind benefiting from her labor! :o)

Aunt Steph reaching the high ones.

Beautiful Nora!  Look at that smile! 

Cousins and friends!

Four "Morris Girls"...don't let the sweet smiles fool you.  These four can definitely cook up some trouble!

I love this picture. :o)

Actual Date: 06.21.11

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