Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our little STAR!

 It's back to school time at our house!  I have been super busy getting my classroom in order, and Hallie started Pre-K today!  She is at the same school as last year, and she is SO excited about her new teacher and "new school".  The elementary school joined the middle and high school in their building, so now everyone is a family again.  She is thrilled to be going to the same school as the big kids (though it really isn't the same school).  Last night, Hallie and I picked out her first day outfit.  Actually, she picked it out.  I thought it was cute, so I went with it.  Anything to avoid a morning meltdown as no one in our family is a morning person. :o)  Today was a half day, so I picked her up and took her to Mrs. Becky's house so she could spend the day with Becky and Audrey.  So thankful for Mrs. Becky!

We are looking forward to a super school year for Hallie!  Today her owl has stayed "wise in the tree". :o)  Evidently, if they make bad choices, their owl gets moved down.  She doesn't want her owl in the grass!  Ha! Hallie loves school, and I'm so thankful for TCA because not only is it preparing her academically, but it's preparing her heart to love Jesus big!

Here's our big girl heading to her classroom!

She doesn't even need us! :o)

Ready to go in!

Hallie's class at circle time. :o)

Hallie and her new teacher, Mrs. Beaudin. :o)  
Hallie had a GREAT first day of school!


Kyetra said...

I know that Hallie will great year! Good job letting her pick out her outfit. She did good. That girls has style. Wonder where she gets it?

David and Rebecca Echelbarger said...

I love her outfit!!