Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Our Labor Day was filled with lots of relaxing...and a trip to Egypt.  Sort of.  Thanks to The Mayborn Museum, we were able to have a glimpse of what Egypt might be like.

This is Hallie's current favorite movie.  And when I say favorite, I mean FAV-O-RITE!  I'm not exaggerating.  She knows the story, she knows the lines...and she has favorite parts.  She loves this movie--and we really enjoy the movie, too.  So much so that now we've watched it...oh, 20 times (at least), and we still find it amazing.  This movie brought on the Labor Day trip to The Mayborn Museum for their Egypt exhibit.

The Egypt Exhibit

Hallie pulling blocks with (sleds) and without Egyptian technology.

Building a pyramid.

A camel!  Jonathan told her to pretend like she was hot since she was in the desert.  LOL!

There were also mummies--which Hallie was fascinated with.  We saw mummies when we went to The Museum of Natural History in Anniston.  I thought Hallie would be a little scared...but she wasn't.  And the same goes for this visit into the mummy room.  Unfortunately, we couldn't take any pictures of the mummy.  It was pretty neat, though.  And Hallie really enjoyed seeing the mummy and talking about who she might have been.  Seems we might have a little love and curiosity for history.  This definitely comes from Daddy and not from me! :o)

And because we paid our admission into the entire museum, we couldn't pass up the stationery exhbits. :o)
Hallie *loved* the transportation room...and I'm pretty sure she could have stayed there all day.  But we were mean parents and made her go to other rooms.  Ha.

Good thing there's a sunroof for those tall people. ;o)

 The communication room.
Jonathan and Hallie thought these old typewriters were pretty cool.

The Weather Room
Hallie and Jonathan are giving a weather report.

Once Hallie realized she was on TV, she was totally into it.  In fact, when we got finished, she asked us what time she'd be on TV.  I guess she thought she was like Daddy and would be on the 6:00 news. :o)

The Sound Room
Jonathan and Hallie at the "Whisper Wall"--this was *SO* cool.  I wish I'd have gotten a picture of how far these two things were from each other.  You could barely talk into it and be heard on the other side of the room.  Very neat.  Hallie thought it was super cool.

Making some music in the sound booth--it was VERY noisy in there.  LOL.

The Water Room
Hallie really enjoyed making a little canal for her boat.  She stayed at this station for a very long time.  The girl is a fish, I swear!  She'd play with water all day if we'd let her. :o)

Making a bubble window--I love the look of intrigue in her eyes.

The Fancy Tea Party Room
This was a favorite of Hallie's, too--she served Jonathan and me tea and cookies.  Very cute. She even gave me strawberry tea by putting pretend strawberries in a cup. :o)

Hallie was very disappointed that those hats did not come off.  She said we needed proper hats for a tea party!  HA!  

The Pioneer Room
This is where Hallie had a melt down because she did not want to go home--even though the museum was closing and we had been there for almost 3 hours. :o)  Glad our little girl loves outings!

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Stephanie said...

such a fun trip! we need to do more things like that with nora. and i'm going to refrain from a "jonathan on the short bus" joke. sort of.... ;o)