Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hakuna Matata

After a lovely afternoon nap, Hallie and I headed to the theater to finally see The Lion King in 3D.

We haven't really read anything about The Lion King, but Hallie has seen commercials for it and they dance to Hakuna Matata sometimes in Hallie's dance class.  It was kind of a last minute thing to even go see the movie.  I wasn't sure if I should warn Hallie about the scary parts or just take them as they came--I decided on the latter.  It was a good thing to not mention the scary parts because we just quietly chatted about things as they happened.  And some of the things that I thought she'd have questions about weren't the things she had questions about.  haha.

None of us are really crazy about 3D movies--but I must say, this movie was fantastic in 3D!  It was like the 3D movies I remember as a kid--things coming out at you at appropriate times--not ALL the time like the obnoxious 3D movies today.  Hallie and I were both quite pleased with the movie--in fact, I had forgotten just how *GOOD* The Lion King truly is.  Lots of wonderful lessons in that movie--and lots of giggles, too.  Several people around us got tickled at Hallie laughing.  And who couldn't enjoy her sweet little giggle?! :o)


As soon as the movie was over, Hallie asked if she could see it again.  Then she added a twist: "Maybe we can go see it tomorrow so Daddy can watch it."  She's *SO* smart.

We left Daddy at home to watch the...

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Kyetra said...

I have so wanted to take Taft to the movies. I am not sure that he is old enough to understand the 3D glasses yet. I think that we may try a regular movie soon. Glad that you enjoyed it!