Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fun at the Fair!

Yesterday was the last day of the Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo!  We nearly missed it!  Yikes! :o)  This was Hallie's (well, mine, too) second time this week to go to the fair, only the last time she didn't get to ride any of the rides.  The first thing we saw was the pig races.  Hallie's comment, "I don't want to see the pigs race again!"  haha.

She did want to spend a little time in this cute little playhouse that she didn't get to play in on her field trip.  We actually thought we might be spending our entire night in the playhouse!

We didn't get much farther past the playhouse.  Hallie wanted to jump!  It was so cute because she can't quite make herself jump super high, so at times she was just dangling in the air, running in place, until the supervisor would come around and pull the strap down to make her bounce again. :o)

Heading down the midway!

After some fair foods, we headed straight to the ferris wheel!

Hallie planned her ferris wheel ride out--she wanted to draw/color while we were going round and round. :o)

She got to go in one of the little fun houses!  She was so excited!

The swings.  These little lovelies are located at the very end of the midway--where all the "big kid" rides are. We didn't enjoy swimming through all the teenagers, but it was SO worth it to witness the grin on this little girl.  She loves some swinging, and this fun ride did not disappoint her!

We hadn't been in the air very long when I realized I was *VERY* glad I hadn't eaten any fair food!  For if I had, you'd be seeing vomit sprawling across this picture.  Oh.  My.  Word.  I realized I'm way too old for carnival rides.  Seriously, y'all.  I was so dizzy and nauseated when we got off that I hardly caught Hallie's request to ride it again!  lol

Hallie won her very own stuffed animal playing darts!  She threw the darts right at the balloons!  With her first throw, she popped two balloons! :o)

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