Saturday, October 15, 2011

Morning at the Zoo!

 What a treat!  Hallie got to spend a fun morning with Gramps and RahRah at the zoo.  Last night it was the fall carnival at my school and tonight it will be the Heart of Texas Fair!  What a super fun weekend for Hallie! :o)

When I asked Hallie what her favorite part of the zoo was, she quickly answered, "The toy shop!"  Oh brother.  I'm certain she loved the zoo as is evidenced in the following pictures.  That little girl loves a good toy shop, though (what little kid doesn't?!).

Feeding the fish...this is one of my favorite parts of the zoo!

At the orangutan exhibit--they had ropes for the kids to swing on just like the orangutans!  I can imagine Hallie *loved* this!

Two monkeys. :o)

RahRah said she took this picture for me--I just love meerkats. :o)

A snack break in the tree house.
Hallie & Gramps

RahRah & Hallie

Hallie in her canopied wagon! :o)

Thanks, Gramps and RahRah!!

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