Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Carnival

This past week has been FULL for me.  Lots of this and lots of that.  Yesterday I was at school from 7:30-8:00...with the exception of a 30 minute block of time where I met with Hallie's teacher and heard lots of good things about my sweet little angel. :o)  Thankfully my time at school last night was spent having fun with my little girl at our Fall Carnival.  The first thing Hallie wanted to do was get her hair painted!  We had lots of tickets to spend, and Hallie didn't have any trouble doing that. 

Pink, sparkly hair!

Hallie wanted a beautiful cupcake and a butterfly painted to match her princess-like hair!

After a hotdog and some nachos with Daddy, we went to Mrs. B's Book Sale for some good books!

Fishing for candy! :o)
This reminds me of the booth my mom always had at the fall festival at her school. 

Hallie on the train ride with one of my cute little firsties!

Hallie with all her lollipops from the Lollipop Tree Pull.  Yes...she spent probably $6 trying to win a prize...a lollipop with a red dot on the bottom.  I felt horribly for her.  She'd pull a pop and get nothing.  The next kid would go up and get a dot.  She'd try again and get nothing.  Three girls went up and all pulled a pop with a dot.  She kept trying and trying with no success!  The carnival was over at 7:30 and it was 7:25...the lady seemed oblivious to the fact that she might help a 4 year old's feelings by just letting her have one of the prizes that weren't even worth the 50 cents it was costing to pull a pop.  Finally...after another loser pop, and a very sad look on Hallie's face, the lady gave her a prize.  haha.  Hallie got a *beautiful* butterfly necklace (that I happen to know was left over from a fundraiser from last year!  lol).
Here's Hallie-Lou waiting her turn for the cake walk. 

It was a super fun night at the "carnibal" (according to Hallie). :o)  Afterward, we met Gramps and RahRah for yogurt!  A perfect beginning to a weekend!

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Nonna said...

Yes, I remember those lines of little fishermen wanting to fish at the "Fish Pond". And I also remember how tired I was at the end of the night. Ha...but I loved it! Memories in the making! :-)