Thursday, October 13, 2011

Never Say Never

After Hallie's field trip, I said I'd never go on another field trip again.  Not because I don't love my sweet little cutie-patootie.  No.  But you know when teachers sometimes say that a child acts worse when his/her parent is with them?  Well, that's totally Hallie.  Oh brother.  I had a good time, and I think Hallie did, too...but she did not hold back with her stubbornness on this particular day.  Still, looking back at the pictures, I don't know that I could never go on another field trip again.  She had a blast and I loved being able to capture those moments with her.  The downside to the field trip--about an hour and a half after we were there, it turned dark gray and the bottom fell out.  It rained and rained and rained!  Thankfully we were under the tent petting the cute little animals.  But then there were all sorts of mud puddles that I had to keep Hallie out of (sorry--but if she'd have had on her rainboots, I wouldn't have cared!).  And the rain cancelled their plans for a picnic at the park...and Hallie was twelve kinds of unhappy because of that.  But, she was excited to go back to school, and let's be honest...I was thrilled to watch some mindless TV for the rest of the afternoon (well, before picking Hallie up at school and having to go to a "mandatory insurance meeting" at school).  Evidently, God knew I needed some down time and sent the rain...otherwise I wouldn't have had much down time at all. :o)

We started our field trip with Swifty Swine. :o)

These little piggies were just too cute!  They were racing to get an Oreo cookie!  Ha!  I don't blame them!

Waiting for Rainforest Adventures...obviously, Hallie was more interested in a snack.  She must have be3en savoring hers because I gave some to the little boys beside her, and they seem to be empty.  Haha.

I wish this could have lasted longer...but the skies were starting to get dark and it was so the guy had to rush through the presentation.
A monkey...

An anteater...

Hallie would rather play in the dirt.  Lol.

And the beautiful bengal tiger...all the "Auburn Tigers" were asleep!  LOL!

Petting zoo!

There were about 30 kids in this petting zoo.  I think the llama was in shock.  He didn't even spit at anyone!

There's a Pirate Dog show (lol) at the fair...but it was pouring rain on their pirate ship, so the guy brought the dogs under the tent.  Here they are sword fighting!  Hilarious!

The kids got to pet one of the sweet sword fighters after the "show". :o)

The kids got to go through the cattle barn (?) and see all the cows that were there for show.  I had no idea that cows had huge humps of fat on their necks!  
Hallie and one of her little friends were getting a little too close to Baby Cow, so she stood up and protected her baby. :o)

The little girl had a fun day!  Can't wait to go to the fair and enjoy some rides!

And let's be honest--I can't wait for Hallie's next field trip.  By then, I won't remember this one. :o)

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Nonna said...

I know she (and you?) had a fun day on her field trip. Last year, she seemed to not even care about us being on the field trip, but,then again, she was always checking to see where we were. Ha
She's our little cutie and we love her very much!