Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Strawberry Cutie Pie Preview

Tomorrow will be a super busy day.  School, then ballet/tap,grab a quick bite to eat, do a quick trick-or-treat at two houses in our neighborhood and then head to church for the Fall Festival.  Whew!  I'm already tired and it's just Sunday night.  Ha!  Hallie finally tried on her costume today (she was sick last week when it sick that she didn't even want to try it on!  Yikes!).  I decided to snap a few posed pictures of this sweet little thing in case I didn't get to tomorrow (well, I'll get "action photos" tomorrow--lol).  I've gotta say...she makes a pretty stinking cute Strawberry Shortcake! :o)  We even bought some Bath & Body Works spray today so she'll smell Strawberry Shortcake sweet!  She's super excited about that!

Can you tell who the real Strawberry is?! :o)

 Look at those freckles! :o)

Hallie had to put freckles on me...and take my picture.
I'm not going to lie--when I later looked in the mirror (having forgotten that she dressed me with freckles), I nearly screamed for Jonathan to come see what was wrong with me!  LOL!
(Side note: Hallie totally posed me--lol.  Oh, and this picture does sport my new haircut that I got today.)


Stephanie said...

cutest little strawberry shortcake ever! and your freckles are pretty cute too. haha.

Kyetra said...

Hallie is the cutest thing ever!! I LOVE that costume.
And - you look like you have the measles. ;0

Nonna said...

Cutest little Strawberry Shortcake I've ever seen. Much cuter than the original. :-)