Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween Recap (slightly late)

 Hallie had a super fun Halloween, "Hallie-ween" evening. :o)  As mentioned in the previous post, it was a very busy day.  And you can tell by the look on her face in the last pictures that she was super tired by the time we left our church's fall festival.  It was a fun evening, though we decided that next year we'll go to the fall festival the last hour it's "open" because there were just way too many people there when we got there on time (see what happens when we get places on time...we should have stuck to our usual lateness!  lol).

Hallie's sweet little ballet/tap class.  Her sweet friend, Ivy, is the mermaid to her left.  Her other sweet little friends didn't make it to class.

Daddy and Strawberry...such cuties. :o)

The hayride!

Hallie stood in line for a long time to ride the mechanical bull.  She *loved* it!  She is so full of adventure, and this was right up her alley.  Cute little cowgirl!

And the last game of the evening...a little Putt-Putt.  She was pretty good!

Mommy & a tired Strawberry Shortcake

Hal & RahRah

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