Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama Thanksgiving

What a wonderful treat--Hallie and I flew into Birmingham *early* on the Saturday before Thanksgiving!  We were very thankful to be spending some extra time with the family during our break.  Jonathan joined us Wednesday morning.  We had a lot of fun visiting and relaxing.  Several days were dreary, but Thanksgiving day was beautiful!  We enjoyed some delicious food (too much of it!), played outside, and then Jonathan and I went to see a movie with my brother and his wife while the little girls played with Nonna and Pop.  After the movie, Jessica (my SIL) and I talked Jonathan into heading to Target to try to get some Black Friday deals.  We thought they opened at 9:00...nope.  Midnight.  We weren't going to stand in line, so we went on to Wal-Mart.  Talk about cray-zee!  Oh.  My.  Word. was a madhouse.  Even if we had found anything to buy, the check-out lines were so long...we'd have been 3 hours getting out of there!  So we opted to just head home.  I have never been Black Friday shopping...or "pre" Black Friday shopping.  The experience (as short as it was) was quite interesting to say the least.  Next year I just might join the crazies. :o)

The feast!  Yummy!  It was my intention to get a picture with all the guests.  Alas, I failed.

Jessica and I tried snapping some pictures of the girls after lunch.  I hope her pictures are better because this is what Hallie was doing in most of the ones I tried to take of her!  Ha!

Cheesing for Aunt Jessica

Ah...she can smile for me. :o)  Sweet girl!

Sweet Abby Brooke

Hattie Grace giving me a big smile.

Sweet girls

Love them!

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Kyetra said...

Hallie is just too cute! Love that her hair is getting longer and thicker. It makes her look older.
Abby's shirt is totally adorable! Of course, she is too.