Sunday, November 27, 2011

iPhone Thanksgiving

Daddy & Hal ... Hallie on the plane

Hallie & "Trunki"  ...  Hallie at the outlets

Hallie & Nora  ...  Love my Steph!

Hallie was promised a pedicure when we got to Alabama...sweet HG couldn't get one because she's allergic to the lotions they use.  We tried to get her to get a manicure--she had picked our her fingernail polish and everything and then wouldn't have it done.

Abby  ...  Hallie & HG in the "Kids Cart" at Wal-Mart.  That thing was CRAZY to drive!

Love my Mandi!  ... Cailin and Hallie

Abby & Hal watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade  ...  Three tired girls after a long train ride.

Nonna, Pop, & Hal    ...  Hallie sleeping on the way back to Texas.


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Stephanie said...

i spy nora's pink headband i've been looking for all weekend. now i know when it was last "seen". i wonder if we lost it at the outlets. :o( it's our favorite and i can't find it anywhere. oh well, it was great to see you guys.