Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The weekend from...well...

Oh my word.  Last weekend (Nov 4-6) was quite possibly the worst weekend of 2011.  There were so many factors that went into, students, my health, Hallie was sick...and then the cherry on top of all cherries on top, Jonathan ended up in the hospital.  (He'll probably be mad that I'm posting this...)  He started feeling a little uneasy--his heart was beating rapidly and then it was hardly beating at all.  So he went to Urgent Care.  They sent him to the ER (but not before getting their $75 co-pay).  We spent Saturday afternoon/evening in the ER...figured out that he had atrial fibrillation...he got lots of meds, shots, and more meds...and then he was admitted to a "real room" around 8:00 or so.  He was not happy about this, but the cardiologist wouldn't release him until he converted (until his heart rate was back to was all over the place--120, then 70). I stayed with him until almost midnight and then came home to stay with Hallie (who had been staying with Jonathan's mom).  Then Sunday morning I got up and took Hallie to Gramps's and RahRah's and headed back to the hospital.  Around 5:30 am Jonathan "converted".  He was thankful that he'd be released...he felt OK and really just wanted to go home.  We were both thankful that he was going to be OK!  On Monday I had doctor's appointments...and as it turned out, no substitute picked up the job.  So my class had several different people in and out of my classroom all day.  So frustrating!  Nonetheless, I enjoyed lunch with Hallie and then met up with Jonathan in between my doctor's appointments (and trying to get my driver's license renewed).

Like I said.  Not a fun weekend. the end of that week (which was this past Friday), Jonathan and I decided that our sweet little family needed a little pampering.  Hallie had stopped biting her fingernails...and that deserved a manicure (she didn't even know what that was when I said, "If you stop biting your fingernails, you can get a manicure.").  She was thrilled that she was having her special day!  Daddy and I were thrilled that we decided to both get pedicures to relieve a little bit of the stress we had gone through last weekend and last week.

While Mommy and Daddy got pampered, Hallie was treated like a princess. The ladies at the nail salon were so sweet to Hallie!  She sat in a massage chair beside us and just relaxed.  She wanted her feet rubbed, too...but there weren't any kid chairs there and her feet wouldn't have reached into the little tub.  So she settled on getting her "fingertoes" painted, too. :o)

The little sweetie pie leaving the salon...the sweet ladies cut some of the pedicure flip-flops for her so they'd fit her little feet.  Hallie was so proud. :o)

Pink polka dotted fingernails and rainbow "fingertoes". :o)
Love my girl!

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