Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bop it! Twist it! Pin it!

I have *finally* DONE something that I pinned to Pinterest.  Don't get me wrong.  I think Pinterest is pretty neat.  I really like the idea of being able to keep up with things all in one place by using the pictures.  But there are all kinds of things wrong with the presentation of Pinterest.  That's not what this post is really about, though. :o)  It's about actually DOING something.  And this morning I did.  I made these lovely little mini cinnamon rolls.  They were delightfully yummy.  I'll let you guess which pictures is of the ones I made.  I'm sure you think it's the first one.  Hahaha.  I kid, I kid.  The one thing I dislike about online recipes is that mine *never* look like the original picture. Who can make something so neatly in a mini muffin pan?!  I obviously didn't worry about where the icing went.  I wanted to make sure it was SLATHERED onto the lovely little buns.  The pan will wash.  My first attempt was a little overcooked, so I'll know to lessen the time next time.  And I'll also use mini muffin cups because even though my pan is a non-stick pan and I greased it, too, they did not come out easily.

Now that I've made the first attempt, maybe I'll try some more recipes that I have pinned to my pinterest page. :o)  Eh...maybe.  Who am I kidding, I definitely won't.  And if I do, it'll be a surprise (for both of us!). 

Oh so yummy in my tummy!

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