Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

Sweet Hallie Shea--

Today you are still four.  You are my big four year old.  Tomorrow you'll be FIVE!  It'll be "your biggest big day"!  We are so proud of the little girl you have become.  You are tender-hearted, sweet, compassionate, and can memorize anything in a split second.  You amaze us.  You are also such a creative little thing!  You love to "write and illustrate" stories...and frankly, I think you do a really good job.  You are very don't miss a thing!  You are our sweet, sweet girl and we love you tremendously!  Now, you also have a fiesty side...a "I want it right now" side...and a a scream-out-low-throw-a-fit side.  But that's what makes you our Hallie-girl.  We wouldn't trade your personality for anything!

We pray that you continue to grow in your love for God and see early on that He sent Jesus for YOU! We love you so much!

Tomorrow is your BIG will be FIVE YEARS OLD!  You are beside yourself with excitement.  It's really fun to watch you because you really "get it" that it's your birthday and that it means something special.  And boy does it.  Your birthday is so incredibly special to us!  We are thankful for are a blessing to Daddy and me!

I will love you forever!

Last day to be FOUR!

Hallie's usual, silly side :o)

Picking flowers...

"These are for you, Mommy!"

Where, where, where does the time go?

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