Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh, Baby!

Yesterday morning, we headed to the doctor for the "big sonogram".  To be honest, we have had a pretty good idea (90% chance) of what we were having since March 5 when my parents were here.  My wonderful OB had us come in for a quick office sonogram so my parents could get a peek at the baby.  I wasn't planning on telling anyone other than my family, but the cat kinda got out of the bag.  Thankfully it didn't get out too far.  I just knew I'd be in the minority of having to go back and say, "Oops...well, that 90% chance of having a ... was wrong." Ha.  So I've been patiently waiting before sharing the news...and it turns out, our doctor was right with his "guess"! :o)

We are THRILLED to share that we are expecting a sweet baby GIRL! :o)  I am so excited that my mind can continue to think pink!

After the appointment, I stopped by Target and got a few things so I could share the news with my co-workers.  They've been eagerly awaiting the gender of Mountainview Baby #5 for the year! :o)  So far it was 3 boys and 1 girl.  Now the girls are catching up. :o)

Today I also shared with my little first graders that I'm expecting.  I cannot believe none of them have asked yet!  To share the news, I put one of the sonogram pictures on the "big screen" and asked if anyone knew what it was.  A few hands shot up and answered "a baby" in great excitement. :o)  Then I asked them if they knew whose baby it is...most of them answered "Mrs. Castillo" (our Spanish teacher who is due in June).  I said, "no......." and one of my girls yelled, "YOUR BABY!!!" and the whole class erupted in their guesses of what I'm going to have.  lol.  I passed out some Easter eggs with the reveal and did a quick survey to see what they thought I'm having.  Most of them guessed boy (especially the boys), but a few guessed girl.  They all opened their Easter egg at the same time and saw a pink "baby girl" butter mint.  There were lots of "awwww" and a few "man, I was wrong".  lol.  Then as I dismissed them, they were all buzzing with excitement, telling their friends and parents.  So cute! :o)  I'm glad the cat is finally out of the bag with them.  I waited as long as I could b/c I anticipate a lot of "is the baby here yet" from them. :o)

We don't have a name for Baby Girl yet...there are a few we're mulling over.  But as soon as we know, I'll share that (with all three of you).  :o)

 Sharing the news with my co-workers...

Hallie didn't go with us to the sonogram, so I showed her the pictures as soon as I picked her up from school.  She was SO excited to see the pictures and quickly picked out Baby Girl's arms, nose, lips and legs.  So sweet! :o)  

Cute conversation with Hallie yesterday...
Hal:  Mommy...can I do chores with the baby?
Me:  Um, what do you mean?
Hal:  Like, can I feed her and tell her when she has a stinky diaper?
Me:  I bet you can!
Hal:  Yay, yay, yay!

LOL--I wonder how long that will last. :o)

Baby Girl!

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