Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Party, Party, Party

Hallie is FIVE!  And she partied all weekend long.  She started her birthday off with a few presents and then moved onto a school-day celebration.

Thanks to my principal and wonderful first grade team, I was able to take cupcakes to Hallie's school for a little while and celebrate with her.  Honestly, it was the longest hour and a half of my life and I couldn't wait to get back to my first graders.  I loved having lunch with Hallie...and I loved sharing that time with her.  But bless her sweet teacher's heart.  It takes a VERY special person to be a Pre-K teacher...and I'm just not that special. :o)

Friday afternoon, Hallie came home to a HUGE surprise from gramps!

On Friday evening, she chose her birthday supper location--Olive Garden.  She ate her weight in salad and ate a little bit of her spaghetti.  When we got home, she had no problem blowing out her candles and chowing down on *another* chocolate cupcake (her third of the day).  After coming down from her sugar high, she crashed...eventually.

Saturday was spent with RahRah and Gramps (Hallie continued to celebrate and Mommy & Daddy needed to clean house in prep for Nonna and Pop's arrival).  She started her day off with pancakes and bacon.  Then she spent her day going to the post office, making a rain maker, snacking, watching a movie, "helping RahRah make Olivia cookies", and spending time with her new (almost 8 months old) cousin, Esther Margaret.  Sadly, I have no pictures to document this day of her weekend celebration.

Sunday morning we slept in, exhausted from a day of cleaning, and welcomed Nonna and Pop around 9:30 am.  We hit the ground running with last minute preparations for Hallie's biggest big day party!

We arrived to Texas Cheer and Dynasty a little early--but not early enough.  They had just finished setting up for the party, but we had even more to set up...the snack table and the sweets buffet (which I didn't even get a picture of--SIGH!).  Kids started pouring in and they instantly started having a blast.  Honestly, the party was a little was only an hour and a half long which just isn't long enough for the kids to play, eat, and then open presents.  I was feeling a little frazzled toward the end of the party, but that didn't stop everyone from having a good time (at least I think they were having a good time!).

I didn't get that many pictures, but I did get a few.  Hopefully I can hold onto the memories sweet smiles in my ever-forgetful brain (here's hoping!).  So...our big girl is now the big five.  Here's to partying...until next year!


Echelbarger Family said...

Great job on the party!!! Everything looked great- especially the birthday girl!! :) I wish we could have made it. Let's get together soon. Sweet Hallie has one more gift to open! :) Miss you, friend!

Kyetra said...

I still cannot believe that Hallie if 5 already!
Her party turned out great! Love all those polka dots and those are the cutest Olivia cupcakes I have ever seen. ;0

Nonna said...

We had a wonderful time with our sweet party girl, and love, love, love having ya'll in Alabama!! Wish you could stay forever!! Maybe one day....