Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

I love Easter.  The most important reason I love Easter is because it is the day my Savior rose from the grave!  I also enjoy the new dresses...the time with family...the Easter basket...and hiding eggs. :o)

We had a wonderful service at church this morning and then headed to Jonathan's parents' house.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and yummy banana pudding (delicious!).  Hallie got a really cool sticker puzzle that she worked on after lunch while Daddy hid her eggs.  Then Hallie had an egg hunt for one.

Watching Hallie run around, finding every egg herself made me long for what I had as a child...for Hallie (if that makes any sense).  I will never forget the days of heading to Mawmaw's house for Easter lunch. After lunch, all the aunts and uncles hide the Easter eggs for all 20+ cousins.  Those are cherished memories...and I wish so much that Hallie and her cousins could have the same thing...getting together at Mawmaw's house, waiting patiently while the eggs were hidden..and then running off all sides of the porch with our eyes on the prize (there was ALWAYS a prize egg).  Cherished memories.  :o)

But for's an Egg Hunt for One.  If we had time to travel to Alabama, it could be an Egg Hunt for Three with Abby and HG.  But if our Easters are spent in Waco, it'll be an Egg Hunt for One for quite some time.

Daddy & Hallie getting ready to dye the eggs...Hallie doesn't look too excited, but I promise she was. :o)

Easter Basket!

We don't make a huge deal about the Easter when Hal woke up, she didn't even ask about it.  She did want Katherine's brush (her AG doll).  So I sent her into the living room for it and she came back jumping that her basket was full! :o)

Ah...Chapstick...a girl can never have enough lip balm. :o)

The most exciting...the tiny egg with 50 cents in it. Haha!

She loves this and she and Daddy already wrote a story.  She chooses a sticker to put at the top (anywhere from one to three...there's a box for the stickers) of the page and then the child or a parent (or anyone, really) can write the story on the lines below the picture.  Hallie already wrote (with Daddy's help) a story about a porcupine building a tree house. :o)

Magnetic Melissa & Doug!

Easter 2012...with Mollie

Hallie with Gramps & RahRah

Hunting eggs...Hallie found her "H" egg!

Checking out the goods. :o)

Photos by Hallie:  we each had to hold an egg.

Then we all had to hold a tiny flower.

Happy Easter!

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Miss Emily said...

What little cuties you have! love your blog :) the name got me singing! haha