Saturday, April 7, 2012


We took Hallie to the suspension bridge today to take some "Birthday: Age 5/Spring/Easter" pictures.  It was in the 80s, so it wasn't too terribly hot.  We got some pretty cute shots of Hallie...and then some pretty silly shots of Hallie. I'll share both. :o)

Happy Spring!

I have to mention that when she sat Mollie in her lap, Hallie crossed Mollie's legs and turned her head toward the camera. :o)  That made me smile.  She is too cute!

And now...a few outtakes. :o)
Hallie's "Nonna Pose" (Nonna taught her this one--lol.)

Her Egyptian pose.

Taking a picture of her Bitty Baby, Mollie. :o)

And lots of squinting eyes. 


Kyetra said...

I am loving all the pics of Hallie, but I must say that J in the "hole" with her is just too cute!
And you look GREAT!!!

Kendra said...

Thanks, friend!!

Nonna said...

Cute, cute, cute pictures!!!