Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eight Years

OK...so we definitely need to get our wedding pictures converted into a digital file.  I cannot believe we don't have a digital file of our wedding pictures--I mean, it was 2004!  Ha!  Nevertheless, I just snapped a picture of a picture (with my phone, no less--eek). :o)

Happy Anniversary to my biggest fan--Jonathan!  I know I think it and say it every year, but I just cannot believe we have been married eight years.  As some friends have said, we made it through the seven year itch without killing each other.  I think that's a plus, yes?  Ha!  I cannot imagine walking day by day without Jonathan by my side.  He knows me better than I know myself (sometimes, anyway).  He is so loving and patient with me (most of the time--lol).  I know I'm a better person because of him!  And that's not to say that we didn't have our moments of "not so wonderful"...we can always do better.  But I'm thankful that I know I have Jonathan for the long haul!

No marriage is perfect--we're all human, therefore not perfect...however, it's a blessing to have the job of being married.  Some days it would be easier to just cruise through life being married without making any effort.  Or maybe it would be easier to just walk away.  But that isn't what we have been called to do.  We are called to love...to honor...to respect...to sacrifice...to submit--both sides are called to do those things.  Marriage isn't one-sided.  Some days it's easier to do those things than other days (especially if you're pregnant).  But regardless of the ease or struggle, it's what we've been called to do once we enter into the covenant of marriage.  Through ups and downs...good and bad.  In the end, I'm so thankful that I know that Jonathan and I both agree that the other is always worth fighting for.  Besides, you can't possibly recognize and truly experience the beauty of the mountain if you've never spent some time in the valley.

Regardless of the quality of the pictures, the quality of our marriage is beautiful. :o)

June 5, 2004
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Paul Echols

I love you JPE!  Here's to a wonderful eight years...and eight hundred more!  I am so thankful that God ordained our meeting in Cheyenne, WY the summer of 2003.  I will never forget our love story as it continues to grow more wonderful by the day!

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Kyetra said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember that day very well. ;0