Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer 2012 is off to a great start!  Well, I won't be one of those fake was off to a rocky start.  Having a five year old not in her usual routine is a task in and of itself.  I think we're finally getting into the swing of summer and not having a set schedule to follow.  We do have gymnastics on Mondays, so that's one thing to keep us in the mindset of having to be somewhere.  And next week Hallie will have swim lessons each evening.  But I'm betting the rest of our summer will be filled with family (my parents are coming next week), friends, play dates, lots of visits to the Spray Park and swimming at the YMCA!  So fun!

We started the summer off celebrating 8 years of marriage...and getting a new-to-us car to accommodate our growing family.  We got a 2010 Mazda 5 and we absolutely *LOVE* it!  I call it the mini-mini van. :o)

Last Monday, Hallie took her very first gymnastics class.  She did GREAT!  I was really impressed with her skills.  Can you tell that an hour of gymnastics makes a little girl tired?!  It didn't take long for Hallie to fall asleep that afternoon on the couch.

After gymnastics...desperately wanting to be a big girl and sit in the big seat.  Not yet, sweet Hallie.  Not yet.  Mommy will keep you in that harnessed booster up to 80 pounds (or as long as I possibly can--lol). :o)

After gymnastics we made a quick trip to the grocery store.  The produce section has a little corner for kids to buy several different types of fruit for a quarter.  Hallie was pretty proud of herself for eating the entire apple. :o)

The Weather Channel totally lied on Wednesday--it said thunderstorms and there were none!  So Hallie and I headed over to the Mountainview Spray Park (only a few minutes from our house and right behind my school).

Hallie loved waiting for this *little* shower.  Ha--nothing little about it.  It nearly knocked her down when the water sprayed out!

I know you can't imagine this, but Hallie *loves* to pose for pictures!  Ha!

After the Spray Park, we did a little browsing at the mall.  Hallie's new thing, if she can't get something, is to take a picture of it with my phone.  That way she can remember what she wants "for her birthday" or "for Chrsitmas".  LOL.  I had lots of little pictures on my phone at the end of the trip of things she wanted...including this lovely picture...a Hello Kitty wallet from Dillard's because she just doesn't have anything Hello Kitty!  Ha!

Hallie had a tea party with Moe after the mall...then she got to go hear her Gramps play drums with his band.  And she got to spend the night with Gramps and RahRah!

Today we ventured to the YMCA to enjoy their pool in this hot weather!  We are thankful to have a summer membership there for all the hot days to come!

Tomorrow brings dance recital rehearsals and some rest. :o)  Hallie has her dance recital Sunday afternoon!  Then we'll be gearing up for Nonna and Pop's arrival!  Hooray!

Happy Summer, y'all!!

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