Saturday, July 28, 2012


Jonathan and Hallie had a sweet little daddy-daughter date last night...they went golfing. :o)  Jonathan played golf with some guys from work earlier this week, and Hallie became extremely interested in golf.  Jonathan got her a cute little pink club and some pink practice balls.  And every day she has "practiced golf" in our living room floor.  So last night, Jonathan and Hallie braved the 100 degree temps and headed out to play Putt-Putt.  Due to the heat and being 37 weeks pregnant, I stayed at home and watched the extremely odd opening ceremonies for the Olympics. :o) 

Hallie loved playing Putt-Putt and even "golfed it in one" (lol--she got a hole in one)!  She was very proud of herself.  After golfing, she even talked Daddy into a few rides at Lion's Park Kiddie Land.  I think they had a wonderful daddy-daughter date!  Hallie is extremely blessed to have such a sweet daddy who will share these little times with her!

Look at that concentration! :o)

Hallie loves the little ferris wheel at Kiddie Land!

And the carousel!

I tried to snap a picture when they returned...Hallie was being goofy.  Of course.  Ha!

She even talked Daddy into a snow cone! :o)

I'm sure there will be many more daddy-daughter dates in their future! :o)

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