Monday, August 27, 2012

You've Come a Long Way...

I'm talking hospital pictures.  I wish I could share a picture of Hallie's hospital pictures...but I don't even know where they are (I know...I should be ashamed).  The thing is, they were horrible.  And expensive.  So we decided that we weren't going to get any hospital pictures for Harper.  Then we decided that we had gotten Hallie's, so we should at least get one of Harper's.  And then we saw them...and couldn't say no.  Honestly, they are really sweet.  And there wasn't a little "bed" with the camera overhead this go around.  The pictures are definitely more natural.  I was fairly impressed. sweet momma got the hospital pictures...pretty sure she got Hallie's, too.  So now we have some pretty sweet pictures of a cute little munchkin. :o)

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