Saturday, October 13, 2012

iPhone Fair

We headed to the fair this afternoon! As we were leaving, it started raining. So, I left my camera at home and depended on my iPhone to capture or fair memories. We didn't stay long...just long enough to spend a whole lot of money and realize that the fair really does bring people out of the woodwork! Ha!

When we got there, we headed straight to the Ferris wheel. It is by far Hallie's favorite thing about the fair. I must admit, it's my favorite thing, too! It rained on us while we were on the Ferris wheel. Thankfully it was a quick shower and didn't rain again until we got home. I attribute the lack of rain to the fact that we carried umbrellas into the fair with us to have to lug around for 3 hours. ;o)

We had a great time--we all got our fair fix. Hallie got a wristband this year and rode lots of rides and even won a fish! And by "won a fish" I mean we spent $4 trying to win a 10 cent fish and the lady gave one to Hallie for "free". She also talked us into a little home for said fish. Hallie was quite upset when she handed over her goldfish (which was brown) and watched the lady put it under the counter and get a new fish. She was comforted by the fact that the lady tossed in a friend for the new fish. Jonathan got his funnel cake (whih he generously shared with all). And I got my very large bag of cotton candy (which I also shared). :o)

Hallie was SO excited to ride the Ferris wheel!

So proud to have a wristband (meaning she could ride any ride as many times as she wanted)!

Yummy funnel cake. :o)

Hallie ran into a friend from last year's school--Malachi!  They had lots of fun!

The beginning of trying to win a fish...

$4 goldfish

$9 later (and we stopped at Target for $5 fish food later!)

Heading home

Daddy bought me cotton candy!  Yummy!

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